DB PFK AG – Regulatory, Securities & Corp. Compliance

Role: Subject Matter Expert – Trade Surveillance (MAD II / MAR)

Led Daily Trade Surveillance and Investigation tasks incl. preparation of STORs to BaFin acting as a subject matter expert on the detection of market abuse cases. Also, I conducted Impact and Gap Analysis, detected gaps and triggered relevant processes and projects to enhance existing trade surveillance framework.


COMMERZBANK - Group Compliance

Role: Lead Business Analyst / Expert / Deputy Project Lead – Global Roll-Out (AML/KYC/CTF)

Worked closely with key stakeholders and acted as a true Product Owner. In this role, I was responsible for a broad spectrum of tasks such as e.g. collection of Business and Functional Requirements, producing Guidelines and Best Practices for Compliance Analysts, Analyzing impacts of GDPR on Data Sharing between branches, definition of Workflows and Procedures including Authorization Concepts, training of Business Users, enhancing existing software with Machine Learning features and UAT Testing;

Deutsche Bank AG

Role: Co-Lead Special Task Force AFC

In this role, I Worked together with senior compliance industry leaders and directly advised Head of AFC department understand the scope and possible impacts of the recent Adverse Media News, Data Leaks in relation with Tax Optimization and Evasion/Fraud techniques. I co-coordinated investigation activities of the task force of 5 investigators.


Role: Project Lead (MAR Feasibility and Impact Analysis)

In this role, I directly advised compliance officers and bank’s chief Market Integrity Specialists on the impact of the Market Abuse Regulation to the bank, Identified existing gaps and provided step by step guide on the implementation of relevant measures to meet regulatory requirements.


Role: Project Lead (MAR)

In this project, my role was to facilitate discussion between IT implementation teams and Compliance Officers incl. CCO. My role included a broad spectrum of activities starting from collection of business requirements to overseeing implementation roadmap to training of compliance officers and acting as an ultimate product owner being responsible for the quality of the external Markets Surveillance Tool. 


Role: Project Technical Lead - Data Expert (MAR)

My role in this project was to help kick-start challenging data mapping process of the bank in order to move forward with the upgrade onto the next version of Market Surveillance Software of an external vendor. I helped the team not only understand whole data mart of the vendor but also greatly contributed to the raising of team spirit and motivational drive.


Role: Subject Matter Expert (MAR) & Lead Business Analyst – MAR Cloud Surveillance

In this project, I advised the Bank on the complete lifecycle of the project, i.e. I actively took part in the RFQ/RFI processes conducted by the Bank to choose relevant Market Abuse Software and external vendor. After the bank decided on the software, we helped the COs understand their business requirements against the software, raised awareness about possible gaps and greatly assisted in the successful implementation and testing of the tool.


Gio Kevanishvili has been involved in the following projects from other fields:

- Anti Money Laundering - Transactions Monitoring (Large Bank in Scotland, Large Bank in South Africa)

- MiFiD I/II - Investor Protection, Suitability  and Best Execution (Very Large Bank in Great Britain)

- Trading Surveillance FX - FX Trading Surveillance (against LIBOR rigging scandal) in one of the largest FX trading Banks in the world.

- Trading Surveillance Asset Management - FX, Equity and Fixed Income Surveillance with one of the largest French Asset Managers.

- ETF Trading - ETF Trading and Reporting project with one of the very large German Custodian Banks.

- Asset Management & Valuation - Valuations of CDS and other structured financial instruments with SimCorp Dimensions. The project was done in the frames of Basel II/III Risk Controlling Pillars.

- Trading Activity Profiling a.k.a. Know Your Trader(KYT) - Online Bank in the fields of FX and Futures Trading. Designed much of the conceptual architecture around the new tool which would profile traders based on their activity and help the trading desk in their further decisions.



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