GK Consultancy is working closely with a number of partners. These partnerships allow the Consultancy exchange information and knowledge in the industies of the firm's major focus and also in the related ones.

SONABS GmbH has been one of the major partners of the consultancy. The common domains of business are Market Abuse Regulations and their implementation via various software providers whether it is an onsite deployment or a cloud solution. Another field of common interest is Anti-Money-Laundering Regulations and their implementation. Our Consultancy has been a valued partner with the company since 2016.

EXPRIO GmbH is an international network of experts with a clear goal of exchanging subject matter expertise and help each other grow as well as benefit typical networking activities. This is a bunch of bright minded professionals who do care about their domain and excel in it. Our consultancy has been part of this network since 2017.

FischerMyron GmbH - We are actively exchaning information and knowledge with FischerMyron GmbH and its founder Mr. Eckhart Mehler. FischerMyron has been for already a decade in the business and there is a lot of expertise we can learn from. Our Consultancy has been partners with the company since 2016.


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